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43636 Woodward Avenue

Bloomfield Hills
ZIP Code:
48302 5055
Phone Number:
248 335 8286
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Things to Remember...

  • Cranbrook is a part of A.J. Kaufman Insurance Group, located in Michigan
  • Cranbrook offers property and casualty policies through specialty programs
  • Cranbrook is an independent insurance agent that acts as a broker

A Cranbrook auto insurance review determined that this business is actually an insurance agency.

An insurance agency acts as a broker to match someone in the market for insurance to an insurer that will best suit their needs.

Cranbrook Insurance Company, formally Victoria Insurance, operates under USF Insurance, which is part of A.J. Kaufman Insurance Group. This parent company is located in Farmington Hills, MI, also the headquarters of Cranbrook.

The company underwrites the policies written by Cranbrook and other insurance agencies that offer coverage under this umbrella.

USF offers property and casualty through its specialty programs and subsidiary brokers such as Cranbrook. This company carries an “A-” issued by insurance rating experts.

The findings of the insurance rating company determine the financial strength of the insurer and its standing in the community of insurance companies.

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Cranbrook Auto Insurance Plans


Auto insurance policies in Michigan must follow state laws just as all other states. Michigan, like other states, has the responsibility of establishing driving laws and insurance minimums for that state. In Michigan, new drivers must be 16 years of

In Michigan, new drivers must be 16 years of age, and carry $20,000 worth of liability coverage in one incident, $40,000 for bodily injury and liability coverage for more than one person in one incident, and $10,000 for property damage while in another state.

Michigan is a no fault state, which means that in an accident each driver’s insurance company is responsible for the drivers own bodily injuries.

Comprehensive and collision coverage is considered additional coverage since it is not mandatory. This type is coverage is usually required on cars with liens or bank loans outstanding.

Otherwise, this type of insurance is strictly up to the owner and the type of vehicle they have.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Cranbrook Auto Insurance: Additional Options

Depending on the type of car you have, comprehensive coverage may be important to you. Some people even invest in more than the required minimums on liability.

If you are considered more than 50 percent at fault in an accident, you could be fined an extra $500 for damage to the other driver.

People with specialty cars are probably going to need additional comprehensive coverage in the event a hailstorm puts a dent in the body of your muscle car.

An antique or classic car is going to fall under this category as well. With this additional type of specialty coverage, you are in the position to choose your favorite body shop for repairs.

Some drivers may purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance for those instances where the other driver does not have enough insurance to pay for that specialty body shop.

If that driver was clearly at fault, then they may be fined the additional amount.

Cranbrook Auto Insurance Savings


There are many ways to save on your auto insurance policy without leaving your car too vulnerable to value loss.

First, you may want to consider paying your premiums in advance. Combining your policies is another way to cut down on paperwork and money.

If you have a motorcycle and a car, combining those policies with your homeowners may save you as much as 30 percent according to some.

Some companies offer accident forgiveness, which allows you to start out with a higher deductible and for every year you go without being involved in an accident, qualifies you for $100 off.

If your driving record is not so good, you can participate in a driving class to lower the number of points on your record.

Michigan has the Graduated Driver Licensing program. This restricts teen drivers to one person other than a relative or adult in the car at one time.

Although this is a new law in Michigan, classes and programs such as this will limit the number of accidents occurring in the state, which in turn will lower insurance premiums overall.

There are other ways to lower your premiums as well. Your insurance agent will help you come up with more savings ideas, simply for the asking.

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