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Things to Remember...
  • Make sure you research several companies to find the best fit for your specific needs
  • Check out the financial stability, customer service, and claims processing of any potential company
  • An online car insurance can be an easy and convenient way to purchase car insurance coverage

When you are buying auto insurance, it is important to choose an auto insurance company that will provide you with all the coverage and service you need.

Car insurance is one of the most important financial purchases you can make.

Car insurance provides you with needed protection against lawsuits and pays for repairs or medical treatment if you are involved in an auto accident. Such an important financial decision should not go without research.

Online auto insurance companies make the ability to compare auto insurance easy by providing all the relevant information in one place.

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Qualities to Look for in an Insurance Company


When you are buying auto insurance, there are several qualities you should look for, regardless of whether the company offers services online, over the telephone or through in-person representatives.

In today’s world, almost every auto insurance company offers a free quote and services over the internet and over the telephone.

However, more and more insurance companies are reducing their in-person staff to save on operating costs.

When you are considering a prospective insurance company, evaluate their financial stability, customer service, and customer satisfaction ratings, in addition to their premium rates.

You may find one auto insurance company stands out above the rest.

Financial Stability

Auto insurance companies are required to have a fair amount of financial reserves in place so that they can pay policyholder claims easily and efficiently.

Rating agencies such as AM Best and Standard & Poor’s regularly evaluate insurance companies and provide public information regarding financial stability.

Look for car insurance companies with high letter grade ratings, such as A+, A, or A-.

Customer Service


Customer service is an important aspect of choosing an auto insurance company. Consider whether or not the customer service representatives are available around the clock via telephone.

If you have an accident, it is not always going to happen within standard office hours.

You need to be able to call your insurance company for immediate assistance, whether it is three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

Consider how helpful customer service representatives are when you talk to them. Find out if they can offer you guidance on getting help immediately, such as arranging alternative transportation or towing services.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Call for FREE quotes: (888) 449-5485

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

You can investigate almost any insurance company’s customer satisfaction ratings before buying car insurance.

JD Power and Associates conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys and posts the results on their website.

Consumer Reports also regularly evaluates auto insurance companies and publishes review results on their website.



One measure of how efficient and effective an auto insurance company is in paying claims is the number of complaints against them.

You can learn about complaints from your state insurance website.

The state insurance website will provide you with information regarding licensing and what types of insurance can legally offer in your state.

Additionally, it provides information on the number and kind of complaints against the car insurance company and if there has been any legal action against them.

Rate Comparisons

One major factor in buying an auto insurance policy is the cost. You can compare car insurance policy premium rates several ways.

One efficient online method is to use an insurance comparison website and get rate quotes from several companies.

Most insurance web sites contract with insurance agents and companies for leads for people who are interested in insurance.

You can also go directly to an auto insurance company website. In most cases, you can request a car insurance quote online, but you will probably also need to speak with a company representative to purchase an auto insurance policy.

You can also go to an independent insurance broker. Independent brokers usually present several insurance companies, so they can provide you with car insurance rate comparisons and talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of each company.

Online Auto Insurance


Be wary of any car insurance company that will only communicate with you via email or through online chat, since this can be an indication of shady company practices.

When you are buying auto insurance, it is important to compare several different insurance companies before making a final decision.

Car insurance is supposed to provide you with financial protection, so you want a company that is financially stable, with excellent customer service and reasonable premium rates.

Avoid online car insurance companies that only communicate with you via email or with limited hours of customer service access.

Also avoid car insurance companies with high numbers of consumer complaints, poor records of customer claims processing or who have a reputation for rejecting many customer claims.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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