Avoiding Insurance Fraud after an Accident

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Things to Remember...
  • In order to avoid a rise in your insurance premiums, you must attempt to avoid all types of insurance fraud
  • Collect information from the driver and any passengers in the other vehicle when involved in an accident
  • Document any damages to both vehicles and have the police write up a report of the incident to give to your insurance provider
  • Be cautious when making any type of insurance claim, including doing it online or over the phone

Being in an auto accident can be scary and frustrating, and the last thing you should have to worry about is auto insurance fraud during this difficult time.

Unfortunately, there are many people who will seek to take advantage of that situation.

Whether it’s because they don’t want to have to face higher auto insurance rates, because they’ve been drinking and don’t want to get caught with a DUI, or whether it’s because they don’t want the accident on their record, some people will try to talk you into just forgetting the whole thing ever happened.

Avoiding auto insurance fraud is essential for all people to avoid unnecessary rises in car insurance rates.

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Ways to Avoid Insurance Fraud

There are many ways in which you can become the victim of fraud or a scam after a crash.

However, there are some important steps you can take if you’re in an accident to protect yourself and to keep yourself from becoming a victim of auto insurance fraud.

Keep these tips in mind:

– Collect as Much Information as You Can

You’ll want to get their driver’s license number and their auto insurance card.

You should get the names of all of the people involved in the accident, and you should try to take some pictures of the damage to each of the vehicles.

You’ll also want to get a name, address and phone number for all of the people in the other car.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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– Document the Consequences of the Accident

Get detailed pictures of the damage to each vehicle.

You want to avoid a situation where the other party damages the vehicle after the fact and tries to blame it on your accident.

– Call the Police

Whenever there’s an accident, the best thing you can do is to make sure it’s documented by the local authorities.

Get a copy of the police report from the officer on the scene, or follow whatever procedure your state or locality has for getting a copy.

Make sure you get the officer’s name, preferably on a business card or other official piece of paperwork.

– Watch Out for Ambulance Chasers

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If there are people who suddenly appear to try to point you toward a doctor, attorney, tow truck or mechanic, be careful. You might be the victim of a setup.

– Treat Paperwork Carefully

Ask for detailed bills for any services you get, including repair bills or medical services bills. If you must file a claim, treat that paperwork carefully.

Auto insurance claims can be handled a number of ways, including filing a claim online.

Never, ever, sign a blank claim form. This can be used against you when the time comes to try to collect damages or insurance payments.

While you can’t avoid all of the situations that might lead to these kinds of auto insurance claims, you should be on the lookout for situations that might lead to these disasters.

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