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Things to remember...

  • Kit vehicles are sometimes referred to as component cars since they are sold as a bundle of parts instead of being pre-assembled
  • The kit sets are put together by different manufacturers for car enthusiasts to build their own, unique vehicles
  • These vehicles are often customized or assembled with unique parts, which means these cars can face higher amounts of theft or vandalism
  • When first purchased, these vehicle kits may be lacking anti-theft or security features, so you may want to invest in these features to keep your kit vehicle protected
  • If you are searching for insurance coverage for a kit vehicle, make sure you talk to different insurance carriers to get a better idea of the prices charged for your unique situation

Before investing your time and money in a kit vehicle, sometimes called a component car, you need to consider insurance coverage.

A kit vehicle often faces higher risks than a pre-assembled vehicle, especially when unique or expensive parts are installed.

Before choosing the car insurance provider for you, research and compare policy quotes to get a better idea of what coverage you can get for your car. Enter your zip code right here to compare today.

What Kit Vehicles Are


A kit vehicle is a car that’s been assembled from a set of parts, which is usually put together by a vehicle enthusiast. These vehicles can be customized in any way the hobbyist desires.

These kits can come with a complete vehicle ready to be assembled, or it can be parts and pieces that the individual can use with other salvaged parts.

Kit vehicles can be purchased from different manufacturers, whether they are national or international vehicle manufacturers.

Some kit vehicles can be purchased partially complete, usually having the mechanical systems completed by an experienced mechanic to help reduce the technical knowledge needed by the purchaser.

Kit cars, however, are not considered hand built cars since the kit has been assembled by a manufacturer and then sold by a third party to the consumer.

Risks Faced By Kit Vehicles

Kit vehicles face many of the same risks that a fabricated or assembled car will face, such as being involved in an accident or being damaged by hail.

However, some risks will be higher for these cars, including the risks of theft and vandalism, due to the expensive nature of some of the vehicle’s components.

Kit vehicles may have more powerful engines, lightweight bodies, or unique parts as part of the assembly which can make a kit vehicle a prime target for car thieves trying to sell or salvage parts, meaning security is something to take into consideration.

Finding ways to secure your vehicle when not in use can help keep it protected from theft and vandalism can reduce your risk and reduce your premium costs.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Kit Vehicles And Car Insurance

Reducing your risk exposure is part of your responsibility as a vehicle owner, and this is no different when you have put together a kit vehicle.

Insurance companies often work with policyholders that try to mitigate their risks. Ways that you can pay less in premiums include:

  • Choosing a hier deductible
  • Finding applicable discounts
  • Reducing your coverage

Carrying a deductible on your policy can also help reduce your costs since the deductible is the amount of any covered loss you will be responsible for covering.

Kit vehicle policies may have some different terms and conditions, but they often still protect your vehicle in the event of physical damages.

When choosing your policy, make sure to get coverage that will help protect you from losses you cannot handle on your own.

One way that policyholders attempt to reduce their costs is by reducing their coverage; this can be an even riskier choice than paying for more coverage.

If you’re considering an insurance carrier, speak to them about your risks, and they can help you assess if the limits you’ve chosen are adequate to protect you from unreasonable loss.



The risks faced by kit vehicles are similar to pre-assembled cars, but some risks are increased due to the unique composition of these vehicles; expensive engines or modifications can attract unwanted attention.

If a kit vehicle experiences a loss, you may find yourself with a claim that you are unable to handle alone. It’s important to choose the best car insurance coverage to protect your investment as well as yourself.

You can get insurance quotes from multiple providers while you’re choosing your policy, and you can even look around after you already have a policy.

It’s important to understand what your car insurance covers, such as the following:

  • policy limits
  • policy conditions
  • policy exclusions

These details are listed in the policy declarations, and your provider can speak with you about these details.

The increased amount of theft and vandalism losses means that securing your vehicle and installing anti-theft devices is critical.

If you have access to a secured storage location, you may benefit from storing your kit vehicle there; insurance providers may also be willing to lower your policy costs if you are implementing additional security measures to reduce potential losses.

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