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5 Best Ways to Save Big Bucks on Your Auto Insurance

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Things to Remember...
  • Before making the final decision, it’s best to compare quotes from several different companies
  • Understanding the different types of car insurance available is also important
  • Remember that auto insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution

No one wants to pay more than they have to for auto insurance. There are plenty of ways to pay less for your auto insurance, but you need to know what you’re looking for and what kinds of discounts are out there.

While not every auto insurance company offers every type of discount, they’re pretty similar from one company to the next and from one state to the next. With that said, here are the five best ways to save big bucks on your auto insurance:

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Comparison Shop


You need to take some time to understand how auto insurance works and about what kinds of options are available. Understanding how deductibles work and what liability insurance is can make all the difference when deciding on an insurance plan.

Shopping for auto insurance should be just like shopping for anything else. If you just buy from the first insurance company that you find, chances are pretty good that you’re either not going to get the best deal.

Try to get quotes from at least two offline insurance providers as well as a couple of online insurance providers. Make sure you’re getting quotes for similar policies, however.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Ask For Discounts

Auto insurance companies offer plenty of discounts. While some companies will tell you which discounts they offer, others won’t be as forthright.

There are a lot of ways to save on your insurance premiums, but you need to know what questions to ask.

Some of the most common types of discounts include multiple car discounts, a safe driving discount, a discount for certain safety features within the vehicle, and even a non-smoking discount.

Ask about these specific discounts, and ask the agent or representative if there are others that their company offers.

Drive Safely


More than just about anything else, your accident record will determine your auto insurance premiums. How you operate your vehicle weighs heavily on an insurance carrier’s mind.

If you’re a reckless driver, you’re going to get into accidents. If you get into accidents, your premiums will skyrocket.

If an accident isn’t your fault, the insurance company won’t usually penalize you, however. Still, they may also take into account your overall driving record, especially if you have speeding tickets or DUIs.

Pick Your Car Carefully

The make and model of your car can affect your premium rates. Some cars, such as the Chevrolet Cavalier, may have higher premium rates that you would expect.

Cars that are considered luxury vehicles generally cost more to insure, whereas older makes and models typically cost less.

The bottom line is that you should get an auto insurance quote on a new vehicle before you purchase it so that you know exactly how much your monthly premiums are going to be.

Saving money on your car insurance comes down to having common sense. Take the time to compare several are insurance quotes before signing on the dotted line. Enter your zip code below and get started comparing FREE auto insurance rates and start saving some money!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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