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USAA Auto Insurance Review

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Address: 9800 Fredericksburg Road
City: San Antonio
State: TX
ZIP: 78288
Phone Number: 1 800 531 USAA (8722)
AM Best Rating:
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1922
Things to Remember...
  • The USAA acronym stands for United States Auto Association and is regulated by the Texas Insurance Commission
  • During World War II, this business was on the cutting edge of enterprising business
  • In 1962, the company opened another office in London and began diversification by offering homeowners insurance

A USAA auto insurance review uncovered an ace in the hole for military families. When a hand full of United States Army officers was denied coverage in the 1920s, they started their own insurance company. The objective at the time was to self-insure one another.

The USAA acronym stands for United States Auto Association and is regulated by the Texas Insurance Commission

Insurers considered these officers high-risk at the time for obvious reasons. A practical objective to obtain auto insurance grew into the multi-billion dollar company it is today.

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USAA Auto Insurance History


25 officers first decided to self-insure one another. The year was 1922 when William Garrison was elected to be the first president, and Major Walter Moore the first member of this organization.

Even during the depression, this company grew to include 60 percent of eligible military officers.

During World War II, this business was on the cutting edge of enterprising business, and it was evidenced by the appointment of the first female manager, Stuart Gwyn. By the 1950s the company was recognized on the “Best 100 Offices” list.

Also during the 50s the first female officer, Consuelo Kerford was appointed. At the same time, USAA opened its second office in Frankfurt, Germany.

By 1957, this auto insurance company was already in the computer age using the IBM 650 to automate operations.

By 1962, the company opened another office in London and began diversification by offering homeowners insurance. By 1977, USAA already had $1 billion dollars in assets.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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USAA Auto Insurance Advantages

There are many advantages to having USAA auto insurance to include:

You can purchase your car, finance it, and have it insured at the same time, and in one place. Once you are a USAA member you are guaranteed membership for life. As long as your driver’s license is active and in good standing, you are eligible for coverage.

USAA Auto Insurance Quotes


Obtaining an insurance quote and purchasing coverage online will automatically save you $50 dollars.

Most auto insurance quote websites ask for your zip code to get started.

Because you have to become a member to obtain USAA coverage, the process is different. You must register on the site by establishing an online ID and password.

USAA Claim Filing

Filing auto insurance claims is as simple as using your Auto ID Card. You may use your 4-digit pin number or social security number to use Voiceline services.

Your Auto ID Card is your proof of insurance.

You may access your Auto ID Card information using your mobile iPhone or Android. The system will help you to navigate through the services it renders.

When filing auto insurance claims it is important to have all the necessary information handy to submit to the USAA representative. Windshield replacement claims are referred to Safelite Auto Glass.

Your representative will automatically set up your rental car when you notify them of an accident or when your car is in repair. You must have rental car reimbursement as part of your coverage, and use a USAA approved repair shop.

If your car is declared a total loss, the representative will determine the actual cash value of your car by performing a market survey.

This process entails establishing the condition of your car before the accident and comparing it to existing cars that are similar to yours.

They will notify you of the results, advise you of the settlement amount pending the documents needed, and deposit your settlement check into your USAA account.

USAA Auto Insurance Savings

This company uses some of the same incentives to obtain affordable coverage as many civilian insurance carriers. If you go more than five years without incident, you will qualify for a safe driver discount.

You can take a basic driving course with USAA and receive additional savings in most states. If you combine your homeowner’s policy with your auto coverage, you will be entitled to a multi-policy discount as well.

New vehicles that are less than three years old are eligible in states other than MA and NY. Although this company offers defensive driver course discounts, you may not be eligible if you have violations within the past three years.

New generation discounts are available to those whose parents are members as well.

If you store your vehicle, you may receive up to 80 percent savings. This discount is not available in certain states. The company website or your representative will inform you of which seven states are not eligible for this discount.

USAA Career Opportunities

USAA signature slogan is “We know what it means to serve”. The company pays homage to military veterans and families by honoring their service and dedication with preferred employment. Candidates are exposed to career opportunities and training through the Department of Defense Transition Assistance program.

This program helps military personnel make the transition from the field to the workplace. Military skills may be translated into a position you may already be prepared to perform. Your field experience could be your ticket to a rewarding career, with some additional training.

They also have the Junior Military Officer Program, which operates like an internship. The resume and interview skills assistance option prepares candidates for that desired position.

Internships are available in areas such as:

Military spouses are recognized for their sacrifice with similar opportunities. Customer service positions require 60 hours of college credits or 2 years of customer service experience.

You may qualify if you have 30 college credits and one year of customer service experience. USAA also reaches out to college recruits through their internship program.

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