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North American Auto Insurance Review

North American Auto Insurance
  • 33333
Address: 525 West Van Buren
City: Chicago
State: IL
ZIP: 60607
Phone Number: (800) 800-3656
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap: N/A
Year Founded: 1886

North American Company for Life and Health is the chosen topic for this auto insurance review. The Chicago-based company is the only large insurance carrier we found bearing the North American name. All the other businesses with similar names are local agencies.

The North American Company was founded in 1886 as the North American Accident Association. Throughout more than 200 years of service the company has expanded into a corporate powerhouse with more than $10 billion in assets.

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Unfortunately, North American Company doesn’t provide auto insurance coverage of any kind. Instead of being an auto insurance company, they are a life and health insurance company specializing in annuities, life insurance policies, and other types of life insurance investment vehicles. That said, we will still review this company in full for your benefit. If you’re looking for a new auto insurance carrier you will need to resume your search upon finishing this review.

North American Insurance Office Locations

The majority of North American Company’s operations are housed in its Chicago headquarters. They do maintain additional offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Des Moines, Iowa which house some administrative and claims departments. The contact information for all three offices is as follows:

North American Company
525 West Van Buren
Chicago, IL 60607
(800) 800-3656
(312) 648-7600

North American Company
One Sammons Plaza
Sioux Falls, SD 57193-0001
(877) 872-0757
(605) 373-8560

North American Company
4601 Westown Parkway
Suite 300
West Des Moines, IA 50266
(877) 586-0240

North American Insurance Agents

North American Company provides a link on their website for agents. However, this link is simply a place where current agents can log in to access company tools. Furthermore, it is unclear whether North American Company agents are captive agents or independent agents. Such a distinction may be important to some individuals who prefer to deal with one type of agent or the other.

For your general information, and this is the same for auto insurance agents, a captive agent is one who is employed directly by the company and works from the corporate or a regional office. An independent agent is one who owns his own business, or works for a local agency, but represents many different insurance carriers. Where the captive agent represents only the carrier he works for, the independent agent can represent up to a dozen different carriers depending on the product line.

Because of the nature of North American Company’s products, we are assuming they utilize both types of agents. For more information about contacting an agent near you, your best bet is to contact one of the three offices listed above. You may also consult your bank, financial adviser, or telephone book.

North American Insurance Customer Service

There aren’t many customer reviews available online to give us a clear picture of this company’s customer service record. However, if their website is any indication, their customer service is probably very good. Their website is very thorough in terms of the amount of information that would be useful to individual customers. There several sections which walk users through modifying policies, filing insurance claims, and determining exactly the right kind of policy for them.

In addition, the website presents an overall professional appearance that seems to indicate North American Company takes pride in the image it presents. This also bodes well for customer service in most cases. A company who strives to put its best foot forward in this way is more likely than not to have good customer service skills. Obviously, the quality of customer service is ultimately left up to the perceptions of the customer himself.

North American Insurance Company Careers

The North American Company’s website contains a careers section with information about why you should choose their company, details of the compensation and benefits packages, and job openings. The company indicates that it provide generous benefits including paid holidays, full health and dental insurance, life insurance, vacation time, 401(k) plans, supplemental insurance, and education and training assistance.

Although the company does have current openings, they are not listed individually on the website. Interested candidates are encouraged to follow the application link in order to submit their resume. It is assumed that clicking that link will provide further instructions as to what North American Company is looking for.

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