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Dairyland Auto Insurance Review

  • 33333
Address: 1800 North Point Drive
City: Stevens Point
State: Wisconsin
ZIP: 54481
Phone Number: 800 334 0090
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1904

A Dairyland auto insurance review revealed a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance Company. This insurance group holds an “A+” from A.M. Best, who is one of the biggest insurance raters in the country. Dairyland’s parent company has been around since 1904 when it was set up to serve retail hardware associates.

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When the industry displayed a need for a market for those who do not have the best driving records, Dairyland was established to help. Many people would have to relinquish their driving privileges if not for non-standard coverage. Those who are able to maintain coverage despite their driving record are paying higher premiums.

Non-standard auto insurance is another name for high-risk auto insurance coverage. These drivers pose a higher risk for many different reasons. They also pay up to 50% more than the average driver pays for standard coverage.

Dairyland Auto Insurance Plans

Dairyland auto insurance plans are available in 44 states throughout the country with flexible payment options. Since each state establishes its own set of driving and insurance laws, all plans offered by Dairyland meets each state’s minimum requirements. This company also takes into consideration whether your state is a tort state or a no-fault state.

A tort state considers the driver who is at fault in the event of an accident. A no-fault state covers the car and the insured in the event they are hurt in an accident. Most states offer liability coverage for damages to another person’s car or property.

Additional types of insurance coverage such as comprehensive and collision is also made available to you if you need it. If your vehicle is still under a finance agreement, that lender will more than likely require some comprehensive and collision coverage. This is considered full coverage in many states.

More coverage is also available to those who want to make sure they have enough to cover extensive damage to another or to their own vehicle. The possibility of extensive injuries may prompt a policyholder to purchase additional coverage as well. Other inclusions may include 24-hour emergency service and rental reimbursement.

Dairyland Auto Insurance SR 22 and FR 44

When drivers fail to meet the requirements set forth by the state, SR22 is a real possibility. SR22 is a certification of financial responsibility filed because of a driver’s license suspension related to any of the following circumstances:

  • Failing to maintain proper insurance while under SR22 monitoring
  • A suspension resulting from perjury on a DMV registration, application or other affidavit
  • Refusing to disclose your identity at the scene of a serious accident
  • The second offense for using your vehicle for hire without a license

There are variations to these offenses also such as allowing someone else to utilize your vehicle for hire. Failing to maintain proper insurance on your vehicle could result in a suspension. Unsatisfied judgments could result in a suspension as well.

An FR44 filing is justified under more severe circumstances, and some of those include:

  • Maiming or disfiguring a person while driving under the influence
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Driving under a suspended license

If you violate these laws in another state or under federal law, you are also subject to having to file an FR44. FR44 filings became effective in 2008 according to DMV research. Obtaining FR44, minimum insurance requirements double that of SR22.

Dairyland Auto Insurance Savings

Many justices require violators to take a defensive driving course when cases of this nature are heard. In these cases, a driving course may only make a small difference in improving your driving record. It could be several years before your driving record improves enough to transfer to a standard insurance carrier.

There are other ways to save on your high-risk policy however. If you are in the position to pay your premiums in advance, it may help. Accepting a higher deductible may also save you a few dollars. To keep your premiums affordable, you may also consider limiting your driving to less than 25,000 miles per year until your situation improves.

Dairyland Auto Insurance Reviews

Many mixed reviews exist for this carrier, and most of them are not good. Online reviews of this company paint a picture of a company who highly scrutinizes its claims before payment. On the other hand, a couple of policyholders who claim the company paid the at-fault driver erroneously. Other reviews related to poor customer service and evasive practices.

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