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Celebrity Autos – Pictures of Celebrities Awesome Automobiles

Check out some of these awesome celebrity automobiles pictures below. If you were a celebrity what ride would you buy?

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Top Celebrity Rides

Celebrities love to show off their incredible wealth, and what better way to do it than drive around in it? This mind boggling infographic dives into detail about the most expensive and most bilngy celebrity rides of all time.

Celebrities’ Most Tricked Out Cars

Jack Osbourne, the son of the Black Sabbath rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, has quite the scary car. The BMW X5 is custom airbrushed with a portrait of this whole family, except they’re zombies. The car features skulls down the side panels and a great deal of other internal upgrades.

Puff Daddy has quite the van. The Chevy Express 3500 is the ultimate soccer mom car. The extended cab helps carry more ambitious little soccer players, while the plasma TVs everywhere help keep them entertained. The only problem could be the cleats on the hardwood floors… those could do some damage.

Samuel L Jackson’s Maybach 57S is quite the luxurious ride. With a custom Mercedes-Benz design paint job and a built in fridge, you’re never going to get thirsty. The Maybach is complete with folding tables, champagne flutes, and silver tumblers. Three things any real car enthusiast couldn’t live without.

Britney Spears is going to have some fun offroading in her seriously tricked out car. The pink H2 with truck bed is raised a good two feet, making us wonder how she can even get in the thing. The custom pink paint job suits the Louis Vuitton upholstery for a very “fashionable” look.

Green Day comes out with a surprising car. Their 1968 Mercury Monterey has a custom cat interior! Leopard skin was used on the seats and dash, while a chain link steering wheel adds for some extra grip. A flamethrower helps keep people away from stealing it and a fog machine makes parties even better.

Snoop Dogg has a pretty custom ride as well. It could be endorsed by Kobe Bryant, but who knows. The custom Laker purple and gold painted 1967 Pontiac Parisienne has every Laker’s player signature on the hood. This is so that Snoop doesn’t forget who’s playing. The interior is also encrusted with purple and gold, highly-conductive zirconium. If he knows what that is.

Most Expensive Celebrity Autos

Kim Kardashian comes in 10th place for most expensive rides with her Ferrari F430. The successor to the Ferrari 360, this car boasts a price tag of nearly $200,000 for the “I don’t know how she got famous” star. The car features seats that she probably hates, and horsepower that she never uses. It also has suspension so low she scrapes her fenders going into the Louis Vuitton parking lot.

Paris Hilton is showing off in another pink ride on our list. The powder pink Bentley Continental GT helps her get from point A to point B. The car ran her a cool $285,000 and sadly it’s still a coupe. The rag top roof couldn’t be painted so she decided just to go with the coupe‚ I’m assuming.

Diddy shows up on the inforgraphic again with his Maybach 62S. The close to $400,000 car features the same things as Samuel Jackson’s, but has even more. With a couple more feet of leg room and a couple more horsepower, the 14ft long machine is one that is not meant to be driven by the owner. 700hp should be under the foot of your personal driver with this car.

David Beckham comes in at number 7 with his Rolls Royce Phantom Drophe. The custom drop top cost him almost $100,000, but it was worth it. Can you imagine those beautiful locks stuck inside a roof? The $407,000 car features black wheels so it’s hard to see where it is at night. The key to sneaking around.

Jay Leno comes in at number 6 with his SLR McLaren. The worldly declared Car Guy possesses a grip of cars, but this one is a beauty. The insanely fast Mclaren-designed car reaches 60mph in just 3.3 seconds. This type of power might just make his nose a normal size‚ if he uses it enough.

Nicholas Cage comes in at number 5 with his Ferrari Enzo. The car named after Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, reaches 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds. The “Gone In 60 Seconds” star makes us think that he loved the movie so much he had to go get the nicest car out there. Sorry, but you’ve been upped Mr. Cage.

Jerry Seinfeld decided to go a more classic route with his money. The Porsche 959 is one of the most sought after race cars in history. Even though it’s relatively slow compared to newer cars that are out there, this car can boast over a million dollar price tag!

Simon Cowell, the mean judge you either loved or hated on American Idol has quite the vehicle. A 253 mile per hour Bugatti Veyron is what he decided to go out and buy‚ for $1,700,000.

Birdman has decided to double up on the top spot. With the fastest production car in the world he can get from point A to point B quite quickly. At 267 miles per hour you can make it from Seattle to San Diego in close to 6 hours! Too bad the tires will disintegrate after 15 minutes of driving that fast.

Birdman’s other “sick whip” is a real-life batmobile! Not really, but it is close. The Maybach Exelero is a one of a kind (literally 1 of 1) race car. The company never decided to produce it, but did have one for sale until Mr. Birdman decided to pick it up. The car cost him $8,000,000 and only goes 217 mph..what’s up with that? The car sadly doesn’t come with missile launchers or machine guns on the side, but it does look pretty cool.

Celebrities love fancy SUV’s, even if they’re not the most expensive. The top three SUV’s celebrities love are the Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Land Rover’s Range Rover, and The Cadillac Escalade. So… if you were a celebrity, what kind of car would you get?

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